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Europass: Council reaches provisional deal with the EP

Verantwortlicher Autor: Peter Schellinck Brussels, 07.01.2018, 20:45 Uhr
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Brussels [ENA] EU ambassadors were today debriefed on the provisional deal reached with the European Parliament on 13 December on a new Europass framework. This will improve the understanding of skills and competences and facilitate mobility throughout Europe. It will establish a new web-based platform that will cover a wider range of EU online tools and information about the skills, qualifications and

and learning opportunities offered in Europe. It will modernize e-tools so that individuals can better communicate their skills, qualifications and experiences through standardized templates in all EU languages. Endorsement of the deal by the member states is expected shortly. To date the Europass has comprised 5 document templates: ° the Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV) template allows individuals to complete their CVs in a standardised format. Over twelve years more than 100 million Europass CVs have been created online;

° the Europass Diploma Supplement is issued by higher education institutions to their graduates along with their degree or diploma in order to make these educational qualifications more easily understandable, especially outside the country where they were awarded; ° the Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by vocational educational and training authorities to their students along with their award certificates. It provides additional information which make certificates more easily understandable, especially by employers or institutions outside the issuing country;

° the Europass Language Passport is completed by any individual to provide information on language skills; ° the Europass Mobility Document records any organized period of learning or training time that a person spends in another European country, completed by the home and host organisations. Europass aims is to reach all potential users from those with lower levels of education, people with disabilities, older people and the long-term unemployed to highly educated people with strong digital literacy. It will continue to evolve over time in line with users' needs and in order to make the most effective use of technological developments.

"Skills lead to quality jobs and a better life. The deal that the member states endorsed today makes the Europass framework better adapted to current needs and easier to use. By improving the way skills and qualifications are presented, people's chances of finding work across Europe increase. Since it was established in 2004 Europass has proved to be one of Europe's most effective and well-known skills resource. It will now be even better suited to today's requirements and technology." Quoted by Mailis Reps, President of the Council and minister for Education and Research of Estonia

The new Europass framework will offer people a wider range of services such as an enhanced tool for creating CVs and skills profiles in a user-friendly manner, free self-assessment tools to help individuals evaluate their skills, tailored information on learning opportunities across Europe, and information and support to help individuals get their qualifications recognized. It will help individuals when they move between countries and are looking for a new job or engaging in learning and career management across Europe.

The new Europass framework will also link in with other EU tools and services covering labour and education and training systems such as the EURES job mobility portal in order to allow for an easier exchange of information and data, as well as more available services for end-users. The revision of the Europass decision is part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe, presented on 10 June 2016.

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